Data visualization 2 (EN)



  • Pedagogical: Tableau visualization fundamentals and visual analysis
  • Operational: The intern will be able to visualize data with charts, organize and personalized views

Theory content

  • Discrete vs Continuous fields
  • Using dates
  • Organizing data: Groups, Hierarchies, quick sorts
  • Changing aggregation, using contextual menus
  • Axis Use: Multiple axes Chart
  • Measure values vs dual axis


  • Data Visualization 1

Teaching resources

  • E-learning platform , Course material,
  • Practical exercises

Teaching modalities

  • Presentations, group discussion with stakeholder
  • Personal reflexion

Type and duration

  • 1h 45 supervised by the instructor in a face-to-face or virtual session

Evaluation modalities

  • Quiz with instructor assessment

Formalisation at the end of the training

  • Certificate
  • Training follow-up certificate