Data Visualization 1 (EN)



  • Pedagogical: Tableau visualization fundamentals
  • Operational: The intern will be able to visualize data with charts, organize and personalize views

Theory Content

  • Building a chart
  • Marks (definition, usage, mark types)
  • Tables, the different ways to build them
  • Formatting and customizing (Creator only)


  • First steps with Tableau Server / Desktop

Teaching resources

  • E-learning platform
  • Course material
  • Practical exercises

Teaching modalities

  • Presentations, group discussion with stakeholder
  • Personal reflexion

Type and duration

  • 1h 45 supervised by the instructor in a face-to-face or virtual session

Evaluation modalities

  • Quiz with instructor assessment

Formalisation at the end of the training

  • Certificate
  • Training follow-up certificate