Tableau English Course


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  • Pedagogical: Discover Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, learn the basis of data visualization and analysis with Tableau. Learn how to create dashboards, manage data connection and share content.
  • Operational: The attendant will be able to connect to different data sources, make charts, customize them, organize them, and bring them together in a dashboard. The attendant will also be able to create calculated fields, sets, parameters, use different analytical tools and publish and manage content on a server.

Theory Content

  • Tableau, the company & licensing
  • Tableau Desktop interface
  • Tableau Server interface
  • Data types
  • Building Charts (marks, multiple axes, customization, format)
  • Discrete vs Continuous and working with dates
  • Groups, hierarchies, sorts, filters, sets
  • Types of aggregation
  • Dashboards (layout, objects available, generated filter actions)
  • Stories
  • Calculated fields (main functions, data-row level calculations, quick table calculations)
  • Analytical tools : Reference lines and bands
  • Parameters
  • Content on Tableau Server : organization, publication, access rights, ownership, editing published sources
  • Data Model and linking data sources (relationships, joins, unions, blending)


  • None

This training pack is divided into 10 modules. Each module lasts approximately 1:45 and is guided by a trainer. A module has a theory part, exercises and a quick evaluation. All the courses and exercises will be available online on our platform.

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First steps with Tableau Desktop (EN)

First steps with Tableau Server (EN)

Data Visualization 1 (EN)

Data visualization 2 (EN)

Dashboarding 1 (EN)

Analyze data 1 (EN)

Analyze data 2 (EN)

Analyze data 3 (EN)

Analyzing Data 4 (EN)

Publishing & Managing Content (EN)

Connect to your data (EN)